Throughout centuries, farming techniques have changed and evolved. Handheld plows gave way to animal power, and farmers adopted the latest technologies to increase their efficiency and crop yields. In the 21st century, large and small farms in Canada have come to rely on the expertise of our electrical contractors at Current Group. Our knowledge, dependability, and proficiency when dealing with installations is what sets our company apart from all the rest.

Our professionals come from a background of farming, which has allowed us to help farmers, as we understand that in order for a farm to be successful it needs systems and solutions that are practical, functional, and reliable. Current Group specializes in serving the agricultural needs of farms across the region. We have extensive experience in the design and electrical installation requirements of the agricultural sector. We have satisfied clients in the following farming sectors:

  • Intensified broiler operations
  • Intensified layer operations
  • Intensified turkey operations
  • Poultry and hog operations
  • Cattle feedlots
  • Grain and mill automation systems
  • Submersible water well systems
  • Generator upgrades and installation
  • New power distribution systems
  • Electrical services for all types of agricultural buildings
  • Much more

We earn the satisfaction of our customers by maintaining constant communication about their projects because we care about your project. Growing up and serving people in a small community has taught us a strong work ethic and a passion for completing high-quality work. With our success through personalized service and commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has grown, and we continue to provide premium service and a positive, professional business experience to those throughout the Alberta region.

We are now a preferred vendor in Alberta for automation and electrical design, installation, and maintenance. Our construction expertise, enthused team members, and the right tools for the job are the simple way of living up to our promise to do the job right!

For more information or to begin the process, contact us online or by phone today.